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Freddy Fazbear by Barakokoro
Freddy Fazbear
Oh my helll Godddd!!I still love FNAF~
Freddy Fazbear:
Nick name: Freddy,Fred
Like: Sing,children,make some friend,pizza
Hate:Purple man,killers
I tagged by:iconask-mili-the-cat:
1.You have post all the rules
2.Each person have to share 13 things about themselves
3.Answear about 13 question asked to you and invent 13 questions you tags will have to answear
4.Choose 13 people
5.You have to legitimately tagged 13 people
6.You CAN'T say you don't go tag
7.Tag-back are ALLOWED
8.YOU MUST MAKE A JN!DON'T COMMENT!Unless you're talking about the entry
9.You have to finish within a week.If you don't finish in time,you must to do evers the creator tells you
10.Be creative with the tittle.No,"I got tagged"stuff<--------Retricktive the rules we're got here

                   Fact about me
1.I am usuless girl.
2.I am an Otaku.
3.I love Yaoi,Yuri.
4.I hates myself.
5.I been called and see like a monster.
6.I am a black angel.
7.I love FNAF.
8.I love Osomatsu-san Yaoi.
9.I love quiet alone time.
10.I hate noisy.
11.I love drawing.
12.Me and me in DA verry different.
13.I love listening to music

Mili-neechan questions:
1.What's your favourite dinosaur?
Actually I don't like don't like dinosaurs.
2.Have you ever tease your? Sibbling/friends?
I didn't and never do that.
3.If your idol come down to your town,what your reaction?
Happy.But I know I can't meet they and they don't know me.
4.Have you even wish that your OCs are real?
Everytimes,If Bara,Black Bara,Kokoro,White Kokoro is real we'll be perfect sisters.
5.What your favourite movie?
Inside out and Zootopia
6.Oh gosh!A wild Mewtwo appeared!
...*Kuudere faced scaring inside*
7.What your favourite fetish?
Black angel,Angel,Devil.
8.Pie or Pieapple?
Pie apple
9.Which country do you like the most?
10.Your favourite artist?
Cinamon Cici and Nexi-Friar
11.What your worst nightmare in your life
I saw my parents,my big brother and the people was anti me...I saw everythings,everythings are red,red,red and red.I can't see anythings the some body take my hand hook me to fire and throw me in red sea...Then I awake

I don't have any questions(there're to much tag for me so...I hope you answear:iconask-mili-the-cat: questions

The people I tag:
Sorry I have no more tag ;;v;;


Barakokoro's Profile Picture
Ngân Linh
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I really happy to be friendsChitanda Smile Icon by Magical-IconKaori Happy Icon by Magical-Icon Chika Surprised Icon by Magical-Icon
PersonalChika Cough Icon by Magical-Icon
Real life:Quiet,generous,usuless,lonely.
Mai best friends
VietNam friends:
<a. target="_self" href="DeviantArt://profile/nyokarrs">:iconnyokarrs:
:icontruonghiep: where the fuck are you gone??

Vân vân và mây mây nếu bạn nào muốn vào BIO mà là bạn thân cứ nói tớ để tớ edit
My Onii-chan <3
:iconkagomi3: and :iconsama775: my first friends
:iconask-mili-the-cat: Yaoi,yaoi yaoi <3.Neko Neko.
Senpai who noticed me.THANK YOU VERRY MUCH.Althought a bit

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